When researching health insurance options, you may read about the terms, “individual market”, “on-exchange”, and “off-exchange”, but what are they? I’m here to help!

Income Planning (Post-Retirement)

DON’T OUTLIVE YOUR MONEY! If you are getting close to retiring, or are recently retired, you will need a strategy on how to allocate your funds and savings to last you the rest of your life. The success range for this type of retirement planning relies on your ability to adequately measure your needs and future risks and your ability to adhere to a spending strategy. If you believe you have the necessary discipline to observe these guidelines, perhaps this is the path for you. However, it is important to keep in mind that most people underestimate the costs of their retirement and the funds necessary for a comfortable living standard and that the minimum cuts that the government and your employer take out of your income leading up to retirement, often don’t form an adequate income source for later life. Additionally, you may qualify for other options that may help you in your post-retirement.

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Accumulation (Pre-Retirement)

TAKING THE NECESSARY STEPS! Maybe you’re ten years away from retiring or you have just started your new job and are learning about your options. My advice is this, while retirement might seem far away, time passes quickly and before you know it, retirement is nigh. Whether it is going to be a comfortable transition depends on how well you prepared for it. There are several ways for you to prepare now. Some employers offer Retirement Accumulation Accounts (RAAs) or you can look into an Individual Retirement Accumulation Account.  To learn more about these options, give me a call today and let me help you prepare for your future.

We can’t afford to underestimate the future.

Back in the day, people could rely upon their own consistent income planning to live out a comfortable retirement. Whether they used funds from relatives, the government, or their own employer’s 401k program; however, nowadays, this has become the exception to the rule. Today’s standard expects you to invest in your future. To live comfortably—or to just stay out of poverty—one either has to live according to a tight income or accumulate more in their working years to prepare for their future life. When deciding between income planning or accumulation, it’s best to familiarize yourself with your options now whether you’re halfway to retirement or just starting out in your industry. My main advice is to start with the end in mind.